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Astrophoto Contest

And the winners are...

Drawings & Sketches


Mosaic sketch of Comet Leonard and M3 by Eric Klaszus

Runner Up: Petavius at sunset by Bill Wright

Submit your images to the GA 2022 Astrophotography Contest Today!

Join the fun and participate in the astrophotography contest! All are welcome to compete for prizes and bragging rights. The winning photos will be selected based on technical precision and general composition, so make them beautiful!

Submitted entries must fall under one of the below categories. Each photo will be judged separately. There is no limit to the number of entries you may submit. 

Winners will be announced on the Sunday of the General Assembly.

All entries must be submitted by: June 20, 2022

The contest is now closed, visit the GA to see all of the amazing submissions!

Contest Categories:

  1. Deep Sky 
  2. Widefield and Nightscapes
  3. The Moon and Other Celestial Bodies
  4. Astronomical Sketches & Drawings
  5. Light Pollution Abatement (images featuring the effect of light pollution on the night sky)
  6. Youth 25 and under

Rules & Eligibility:

  1. Only individuals who have a ticket to the RASC General Assembly are eligible to enter.
  2. All images submitted must be taken and processed by the contest entrant (e.g., images taken by the RASC Robotic telescope and processed by individuals are NOT eligible).
  3. All images submitted must have an accompanying signed contest and media release form.
  4. Image filenames must contain the entrant’s last name and the title/target of the image.

Prize: Coupon for up to $50 off any item in the RASC store!

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